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Celebs Hair & Beauty is a hair & beauty salon with a wide range of external care on the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam. With more than 15 years of experience in the hair & beauty business, you can go here for various hair and beauty treatments including facial treatments, waxing / waxing, manicures & pedicures, biab / gel polish / acrylic / gel nails, eyelash and eyebrow treatments, keratin, silkpress and hair extension/microring extensions.

So you are in good hands when it comes to renewing your skin, feet, nails, hair removal, styling and lengthening your hair. Quality and professionalism are central here so that you always leave the salon satisfied.​

Contact us and see what our team of qualified professionals can do for you today or simply drop by and take advantage of our convenient walk-in service.

We listen to your wishes to achieve the best result. High quality RAW Vietnamese hair extensions and the products of Adore, NUSKIN, Olaplex, CHI Keratin, BioSilk and E'TEA Natural products are used here.

* Men can also come to us for a spa pedicure, facial treatment or teeth whitening! Our colleagues also have hairdressers available.

Good to know: Celebs Hair & Beauty and Celebs Beauty Company are located on the first floor of the Cosmo Hairstyling building on the Lijnbaan.

We are an official Partner of MAXLISS, NUSKIN & E'TAE Natural Products

Maxliss is a cosmetic brand that develops the latest generation of revolutionary hair care products. By using the latest technologies, the MaxLiss keratin treatments are able to treat the hair better and more intensively with a long-lasting result.

The keratin treatments and aftercare products from MaxLiss are innovative through the use of specially formulated formulas, which naturally provide soft, shiny, smooth and healthy hair. The MaxLiss products are the ideal means for reducing volume, curl and frizzy hair. The MaxLiss products intensively restore the hair and bring back the natural shine.

NuSkin is THE No. 1 worldwide supplier of beauty products and devices for salon and home use. The BESTSELLER AgeLOC Nutriol Scalp & Hairloss System gives thin, stressed and aging hair volume, strength and shine again. Our ageLOC Nutriol products make your hair look visibly fuller, thicker and healthier. The result? Hair that grows thicker, stronger and healthier day by day.

E'TAE Natural Products is a hair product line infused with 20 natural ingredients. It is designed to improve hair for women, men, teens and children. These products work for thinning hair, unmanageable hair, bald spots, beard growth and other hair problems.

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